Parental authority must be re-established, as it has been largely trampled underfoot for illegitimate reasons. Authorizing only one parent to vaccinate children aged 12 and over shows that the government is taking over decisions that are normally the right of parents.

It’s important to re-establish free choice, with free, informed consent between the family and the attending physician.

We had asked that all minors be  exempt from the vaccination and health pass requirements.

Our concerns are growing in view of the plans announced by the European Commission to vaccinate children from the start of the school year.

?? European Commission

Commission d'Enquête de l'Office Parlementaire d'Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques sur les effets secondaire des vaccins contre la Covid-19


Biostatistician Christine Cotton, teacher-researchers Emmanuelle Darles and Vincent Pavan held private hearings as part of the Office’s work, and warned of the serious side effects of these vaccines.

At their press conference on May 24, 2022, they are issuing a bailiff-delivered summons to alert the public to some particularly alarming facts that are essential for the French people:

– Major biases in Phase 3 clinical trials
Shortcomings and biases in the phase 3 clinical trial of Pfizer’s vaccine made the trial’s conclusions unreliable from the point of view of Good Clinical Practice.

– Opaque information
Researchers are confronted with the opacity of public data on vaccines, which are neither open to the public nor to researchers, a fact unprecedented in the history of French pharmacovigilance.

– A desire to conceal the reality of the effects of these vaccines
The method used by regional pharmacovigilance centers (CRPV) to determine the imputability of adverse reactions does not allow complete data to be obtained.

– Significant underestimation of adverse effects
Only 1% to 10% of adverse events are usually reported to pharmacovigilance databases.

– Alarming mortality figures
European pharmacovigilance databases (EMA) currently put the number of vaccine-related deaths in Europe at around 30,000, but this figure is very probably much higher, given the usual under-reporting in this area.

– Worrying feedback
To date, pharmacovigilance databases show: a 1,788% increase in menstrual cycle disorders, a 732% increase in strokes and as much blindness in just a few months of vaccination as over a cumulative 30 years for all vaccines combined. 62% of these adverse events occur on the day of vaccination.

– Little-known information for the general public
However, Christine Cotton, Emmanuelle Darles and Vincent Pavan, who raised these points at a private hearing, were not invited to the Board’s final public hearing on Tuesday May 24.
This information will not be made public.
Tomorrow, they will officially request to be heard publicly by the Board at the final public hearing on the same day.

About Christine Cotton
Biostatistician with twenty-three years’ experience in clinical trial monitoring. Author of a report: Évaluation des pratiques méthodologiques mises en œuvre dans les essais Pfizer dans le développement de son vaccin ARN-messager contre la Covid-19 en regard des Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques”, Feb. 28. 2022:

About Emmanuelle Darles
Doctorate in computer science, lecturer at the University of Poitiers. Co-founder of the Independent Scientific Advisory Board, which provides conflict-free scientific information on the health crisis and its scientific implications.

About Vincent Pavan
Mathematician, lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille. Co-founder of the Independent Scientific Advisory Board. Co-author with Arianne Biheran of “Le débat interdit”, ed. Tredaniel La Maisnie, 2022.

Find out more about these reports provided to OPECST:

  • Report submitted to the OPESCT: Calculation of statistical indicators on adverse events related to mRNA injections from databases
  • Evaluation of PFIZER trials – Christine COTTON Evaluation of the methodological practices implemented in Pfizer trials in the development of its RNA-messenger vaccine against COVID-19 with regard to Good Clinical Practice
Other scientists have also warned about vaccination, and you can read what they have to say here :

Childhood vaccination, the plea of Prof. Robert W. Malone, molecular biologist, epidemiologist, infectious disease specialist and inventor of messenger RNA technology:

  • Vaccination of children, the plea of Prof. Robert W. Malone The eminent Professor Malone, one of the pioneers of messenger RNA, calls on every family to resist vaccination of children, whatever the cost. The principle of this vaccination is to inject a viral gene into your child’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to manufacture toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause damage …

Dr Amine UMNIL, Hospital Pharmacist, Director of the Centre territorial d’information indépendante et d’avis pharmaceutiques at Cholet Hospital:

Full video Declaration, analysis and communication around the adverse effects of vaccines against Covid-19, Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices:

How can we explain the fact that children under the age of 12 have already been vaccinated even though the conditional marketing authorization has not been validated? cf :

Read the full OPESCT report here: Adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines and the French pharmacovigilance system (

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