Chers parents, chères familles, chers enseignants et à tous ceux qui nous suivent et nous soutiennent merci !
Cette année le site Internet des Mamans Louves fait peau neuve, volonté d’être toujours plus efficaces dans la diffusion de l’information.
Plus de clarté, de la nouveauté, c’est pour vous que notre merveilleuse équipe web a travaillé, afin de rendre agréable votre navigation !
Un grand merci à eux, et à vous tous pour votre précieux soutient.

L'équipe des Mamans Louves 🤜🏼💜🤛🏼.



1 – The Association was born of the dynamic union of mothers from all over France, united under the common national banner Mamans Louves, to protect children from the deleterious effects of health measures, particularly in the school and out-of-school environment.

2 – The purpose of the Association is to monitor and act to ensure :

  • Respect for children’s rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on the Exercise of Children’s Rights.
  • The well-being, health and physical and mental integrity of children, particularly in the school environment
  • Children’s best interests
  • The fundamental freedom of parents to exercise their parental authority, particularly in the context of a state of emergency.3 – As a basis for its action, the Association refers in particular to :
  • the definition of health published by the WHO in 1946: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”.
  • to the precautionary principle
  • the “Primum non noscere” principle (“First, do no harm”)4 – The Association’s main activities are :
  • promote the values defined above through a variety of media, in particular by disseminating information: scientific articles, testimonials, medical opinions, legal advice, etc.
  • provide support for children and families affected by school health measures
  • facilitating contact between different families
  • provide public authorities and other partners with analyses reflecting the reality on the ground, possibly in cooperation with childcare and healthcare professionals, and alert public authorities and elected representatives where necessary
  • run workshops or activities with any individuals, groups or organizations directly or indirectly pursuing the Association’s aims.

5 – The Association’s action is non-violent, apolitical and transcends all forms of partisan cleavage.

6 – The Association does not systematically contest or oppose, but seeks dialogue and cooperation with the competent authorities.

7 – The Association’s actions are based on reliable, documented information from verified sources.

8 – The Association’s scope of action is limited to the object described in 1 (protection of children and respect for parental authority).

9 – The life of the Association finds its dynamics, its legitimacy and its durability in the free commitment of each member of the Association, according to his skills and availability.

10 – Ethics, mutual respect, listening and conciliation are fundamental pillars of the Association’s activities.

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