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Mamans Louves” gather in front of the Ministry of Education

Around ten of them met at 4pm on Thursday December 16 in front of the Ministry of Education, rue de Grenelle in Paris, to demand a dialogue with the government. Mamans Louves” fear the introduction of compulsory vaccination for children. They are also protesting against the wearing of masks at school.

On the spot, they were met by the police. With dialogue out of the question, the police didn’t let the peace movement take hold. The situation was almost absurd: the police kept pushing the activists a little further away from the ministry, on the same street, until they were escorted back to the metro station. Interviewed during the demonstration, the Mamans Louves told us they were shocked by the heavy-handedness of the police and the refusal of the Ministry, going so far as to speak of “dictatorship”.

Stressing that they are not “anti-vaccine”, they simply ask not to be forced to vaccinate their children. They are far from alone: according to an Elabe poll published on Wednesday December 15, 7 out of 10 parents are opposed to vaccinating their children aged 5 to 11. In addition, Martin Blachier and Marie-Estelle Dupont recently co-signed a petition to enable them to enjoy a normal start to the school year in 2022, while Dr. Robert Malone has taken to the media to warn against vaccinating children.

Author(s): FranceSoir

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