Les Mamans Louves determined to make children’s voices heard, Jean Michel Blanquer to call on March 14, 2022 in Val d’Oise

Alexis spokesperson for Mamans Louves spoke out with courage and coolness to challenge Jean-Michel Blanquer, still Minister of National Education, visiting Val d’Oise on Monday, March 14, 2022.

Les Mamans Louves are determined to make children’s voices heard.

“Our children and youth are being sacrificed on the altar of health policy! What means will you implement to repair this damage?”

Supported by the audience in the hall despite inappropriate comments and booing from the front rows.

A few figures, a hollow answer, empty of meaning and truth, that’s all Mr.Blanquer could pronounce.
In return, he received the envelope containing the official letter from Les Mamans Louves, and made a public commitment to organize a meeting in the near future.

We expect him to keep his word.
We’re here, we’ll always be here!


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