Les Mamans Louves: a bulwark for children in France and overseas

After more than 2 years of health crisis and 18 months of mechanical application of health protocols in the school environment, the time has come for all these mothers across the country to put a stop to child abuse under the pretext of health crisis management.

“The children have been subjected to sanitary measures for 18 months. The results are undeniable: our children are in psychological distress! We urgently need to put them back at the center of all our concerns, and re-establish a climate of security so that they can blossom in serenity”.

This movement of mothers represents the instinct of every mother whose insides are touched when their young are harmed.
“How can you not react when you know your little one is in danger?”
These mothers are determined to re-establish a liveable world for their children, who today are abused in schools with impunity, tested by the projection of adult fear.

In a balanced society, they should be the population to protect.
However, values have been completely reversed, and children are now asked to
protect adults. It’s hard to imagine that children could themselves
We want them to grow up in a climate of fear and guilt.

Children live only through barrier gestures, their emotions hidden behind their masks, constantly reprimanded as they simply seek to breathe freely.
What kind of childhood do they have? We can indeed ask ourselves this question.
The aim of mamans louves is therefore to obtain a public debate, so that children’s distress can be heard by those responsible for making decisions.
They are determined to uphold the parental authority of parents, which has been largely abrogated under the pretext of epidemic management, because nothing can justify the state taking the place of parents when it comes to decisions affecting the future of children, in terms of both health and education.

On November 4, 2021, they gathered in Paris near the Élysée Palace, to submit this request to the Élysée Palace.

To date, the government seems in no hurry to answer their questions, which nonetheless reflect their concern for their children’s future.
We should point out that the catastrophic mental state of our children is not unknown to the authorities that run our country.
Speeches on the subject were widely reported by the official media.
What is our country waiting for to take responsibility for this catastrophic situation? It’s up to each and every citizen to ask themselves.

To join the movement

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