Les Enfants Au Coeur


Episode 8: “Les Enfants Au Coeur” S2-E8: psychosocial skills and sexuality education 05/30/2024

Episode 7: “Les Enfants Au Coeur” S2-E7: march against paedocriminality 05/23/2024

Episode 6: Sexuality education: what does the law say? 05/03/2024

Episode 5: Sexuality education: What are SOS Education and Mamans Louves denouncing? 27/02/2024

Episode 4: Is digital technology a breeding ground for paedophiles? 03/12/2023

Episode 3: Disclosing adult sexuality to children: What future for them? 21/05/2023

Episode 2: Sexuality education: What content for our children? 16/04/2023

Episode 1: Sexuality education in schools: the consequences of aberrations on children’s development.


Episode 1:

This Sunday, February 20, 2022, on the program:

  • 5 parent testimonials
  • Contributions from teachers, legal and psychology professionals

Presented by Roxane CHAFEI and Pierrick THEVENON

Episode 2:

This Sunday, February 27, 2022, on the program:

  • Testimonials from parents and teachers
  • Presentations by teachers and professionals in law and social and family economics

Presented by Roxane CHAFEI and Pierrick THEVENON

Episode 3:

This Sunday, March 06, 2022, on the program:

  • Parents’ testimonials
  • Speech by Senator Laurence MULLER-BRONN
  • Speech by Diane Protat, member of the Paris Bar

Presented by Roxane CHAFEI and Pierrick THEVENON

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

This Sunday, March 20, 2022, on the program:

  • Psychological assessment of children
  • Involvement of 2 psychologists

Presented by Roxane CHAFEI and Pierrick THEVENON

Épisode 6

#6 – Tuesday, March 29 at 9:00 pm
Journalism’s excesses
ℹ️ Les Mamans Louves, who defend the best interests of children and parental authority, have been likened to an anti-system movement by the W9 channel.
But what is it really?
?? We’ll be joined by special guest Armel Joubert De Ouches, a seasoned journalist with a professional eye on the current media situation.
??? At a time when children are experiencing unprecedented psychological distress, the media’s omerta and manipulation raise questions.
? Armel Joubert De Ouches recently made a report on the plight of young people, which can be viewed here :…


Testimonials :

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