Emmanuelle Darles, Don’t touch our children

A few words about Emmanuelle Darles:

PhD in Computer Science, specializing in digital simulation and modeling, and mother of two young children. A permanent member of the Independent Scientific Council set up in January 2021, she was interviewed during the commission of inquiry into vaccine side effects carried out by the OPESCT.

Since September 2020, it has been questioning and analyzing the figures available in official databases to shed light on the impact of health measures on children and adolescents. It contributes its expertise and produces analyses and studies to demonstrate the deleterious effects of sanitary measures on children’s health.

We’d like to thank her for her fight, her support and her work, which enabled us to obtain concrete studies to back up our findings.

Her book, Ne Touchez pas à nos enfants :

Her book echoes within us and reflects the daily experience of what thousands of families in France went through over 2 years.

“Since the beginning of the health crisis, no fewer than 48 school health protocols have followed one another, causing discomfort and suffering among children and teenagers. Mass vaccination of teenagers, meanwhile, has led to human tragedies that have been unfairly ignored by the media and journalists. The result of more than 18 months of data science research, this book provides statistical indicators of the physiological and psychological impact of school health protocols, as well as an overview of the risks associated with Covid19 vaccination in children and adolescents.

This book is dedicated to every parent who has legitimate questions, and offers insight into the consequences of government health measures on the health of children and teenagers.”

If you want to support Emmanuelle Darles find her book on : Emmanuelle Darles – (personal website)

Thanks to Emmanuelle Darles for her remarkable work.

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