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ASSOCIATION LE PETIT PRINCE: The summer vacation of our dreams!

The Association | Le Petit Prince

A long-established research organization, the non-profit Association Le Petit Prince promotes a “pedagogy of meaning” and carries out projects rooted in the values of “well-being together”. In an aggressive world that encourages people to withdraw or fight back, our teams help everyone on their journey towards themselves and others. Learn to center yourself, experience mutual listening and cooperation… stay connected despite everything!

Benevolent communication, empathy, mediation, listening to the body, openness to oneself and to nature are the tuning forks that regulate the self in relation to the group. So that a magnificent game of life can be invented at every moment between oneself and the other, whether child, brother, spouse, grandparent, friend or enemy. The possibility of jumping together!

On the road to tomorrow’s cooperative society…

Today, divergent beliefs may separate people, but there is one thing that brings them together. Don’t the common ground of all religions, but also the secular point of view, converge to agree on humanism? On a vision of human growth, through the values of sharing, social cohesion, tolerance and acceptance? We all share this need to be welcomed and loved as we are. In this dimension of recognition, different and together: we’re all connected! Hence the name “Association Le Petit Prince”: each of us is an extraordinary story! Princes and Princesses of the Universe, together we make it happen…

This association offers a range of family and intergenerational stays, and proposes that families from our association can benefit from them.

Do you dream of a vacation where young and old enjoy each other’s company and grow together?

To the rhythm and needs of Chac’Un!

We have so much to communicate and create. Let’s transform our weaknesses and pool our strengths.

Welcoming everyone where they are thanks to a flexible organization and free-access activities: fun and lively workshops with specialist speakers, cooperative games, land art, swimming in the pool, dance, movement, laughter yoga, walks on foot or with our donkeys, festive evenings and so much more…”

Check out their offers for summer 2023:

Short video

A different kind of vacation? | The Little Prince


“Famille on s’ème”: July 8 to 15, 2023

“Etre Soi et Ensemble”: July 22 to 29, 2023

“Libre et en Lien”: July 30 to August 06, 2023 (fully booked except for camping) )

“Unity of Heart: August 12 to 19, 2023

(there are still “financial boost” grants for families in difficulty)

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To contact them: Association Le Petit Prince 11, Chemin de Lauris 84160 Cadenet

Tel: To contact them directly: liens(at)

To follow them on social networks :
Facebook Le Petit Prince

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