Senate Action

A bill that will impact our children’s lives is currently before the Senate.

The latter was passed by the National Assembly on July 12, 2022 and will be examined by you from July 18.

As part of Bill 9, which temporarily maintains a health monitoring and safety system for the fight against Covid-19, we have tabled amendments to exempt all minors from the health pass.

The MPs, aware of the situation of our young people, were sympathetic to our requests.
It’s a great step forward.

From now on, the senators will have to take a stand.
We call on all of you to seek their advice, so that their decisions are made in good conscience.

Here is a sample letter to send them:

Documents to enclose

Psy Report – MamansLouves-fev2022






Communication from the CNOF against the return of the mask

List of Senators

Senators – Senate (

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